Winter's Tale House

The base of 32m2 (8mx4m) is an ideal area for a weekend house in the mountains. The roof had a sharp slope and it was planned to obtain an additional gallery of 16 m2 under roof. The house was intended to use the CLT cross-laminated timber panels, which are stable and can meet the most stringent demands for quality, cost-effectiveness and ecological sustainability. These panels are known as fast, dry, clean and quiet building material. Due to the prefabrication, the cross-laminated timber surface were cut and prepared in the factory. With prepared reinforced concrete slab, the building/making of this house was supposed to take only 2-3 days. In the lower part of the house, the living room/kitchen, bathroom and staircase are located, and at the gallery, a place to sleep. At the entrance, there is a place for barbecue under the roof.

Project name: Winter’s Tale House

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina

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