Platforma Xeneo Raval

Through the globalization, rapid development of the means of transport and telecommunication and a growing gap between rich and poor, more and more people are leaving their native countries in search of better life. This provokes a change of the social structure in the host society, which brings a lot of problems but also potentials with itself. Spain represents an interesting example because the country has transformed itself within a relatively short time from a country of emigration to an immigration country par. Just the fact that in January 2000 3.5% of the population of Barcelona were foreigners, and in January 2008 this percentage has risen to 17.5% of the whole population indicates the scale of transformation. The project attempts to respond to this new realities, it tries to bring the neglected and marginalized voices to the center of the discussion; its also an attempt to celebrate cultural diversity and to democratize society.

Platforma Xeneo is located in the central area of Barcelona, which was always characterized by an immigration, El Raval. Platforma has a supralocal dimension and should serve as a cultural forum, documentation center, research center, a statement on migration issues but also as a public place of an inter-and transcultural exchange for various organizations, associations, students, visitors to the city and of course the residents of the city.

Project name: Platforma Xeneo Raval

Location: Barcelona, Spain

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