The Pin

The surrounding of the Watertower shares the destiny of the industrial area in the surrounding – decadence and neglect. The area is defined by the low-density single-housing units, railroad structures, small-scale streets and one of the more important streets of town, one of three entrances to the town – Jablanska Street. In order to include the surrounding the tower, the „PIN“ is being approached from two sides, two ways intersecting in the tower, creating a gathering place and thus boosting the life of the area.

On the existing structure of the tower a simple sphere is being added, metaphorically creating a PIN, or PRIBADAČA, instantly marking the location, creating a landmark of the neglected surrounding. The PIN is universal symbol, putting the cultural scene of the town and region on the map, it is sort of physical manifestation of point of reference.

The sphere, the PIN is made of steel construction with translucent material (for example ETFE membrane), armed with couple of beamers or LED diodes, which transforms the sphere into MEDIA PIN, big spherical display able to project any kind of artistic, marketing, textual content on it. It could display what is currently going on in the Pin Center, or it could be used for bringing out the statement about what is going on in the town, region or world. It can be combined with audio support, so it could host any kind of events, visual, musical or even commercial. It is a very interactive media, providing people possibility to display their messages, opinions, even marriage proposals. The MEDIA PIN itself represents a new way to exhibit art and to reach far more people (than are actually frequenting such places). The interior of the sphere provides a very particular spatial atmosphere, and could be used again for variety of the functions, like lecturing, exhibiting, beamer projections, or as the observation deck.

The structure of the water tower is being preserved, a new five-meter story is being added on the existing structure. The communication block (staircase and elevator) is being added on the northwestern side of the tower, rounded to formally fit the shape and to make the spaces inside of the tower clean, without any trespassing to other stories. The envelope of the communication tower is made of a transparent material, wires to make the contrast to the mass of the tower and to underline the industrial heritage of the tower and area. The ground floor is being opened towards the south and towards the intersection of the two approaching axes. The goal is to invite people into it, and to connect the PIN with the surrounding.

The aim of the idea to create a frame for variety of possible activities, not to concentrate just to couple of them. We do this by creating different and flexible spaces, which can host all kind of different usages, with emphasize on cultural activities. Lectures, concerts, exhibitions, gatherings, events, courses, musical rehearsals, co-working spaces, meetings, bookshop, tourist observation deck, projections, concerts, art-fairs, food presentations, eco-summits. The parcel on which the tower is can be used hosting bigger events with the MEDIA PIN as huge display inviting the people and providing the visual support.

Project name: The Pin

Location: Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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