Hong Kong Tower

A very narrow, 703 m2 construction site, with utilization coefficient of min. 0.2 – max. 0.3. The investors were demanding the maximum use of space and the biggest possible area of the building. To make matters more complex, the site was located in a protected “green” zone for which the special regulations were in place, i.e. 70% of the ground had to remain under the green belt. The land was sloped downward, oriented north to south. From east, the view extended to the surrounding hills and woods, from west, the view was set on the castle of St.Martin, and from south, the view extended towards the city of Graz. Effective architectural solution is to utilize the terrain that is sloped downward and build with cascading technique. Two apartments were built, Top 2 with the 100m2 and Top 1 with 110m2, spacious terraces with 72m2 (Top1) and 100m2 (Top2), and an underground garage where for each user 2 parking spaces and storage was se- cured. Both apartments have direct exit to separate parts of the garden, and the user from Top 1 apartment has a private swimming pool. The roof is level to the ground, and because of the regulation in the green zone, it was built with intense green cover of 50 cm. Parcel utilization amounted to 0.2988 (210.11m2) from total allowable coefficient of 0.30. Solar panels were constructed at the roof of the house. With the solar panel installation, the underfloor heating and hot water supply was implemented throughout the object. The project was built and finished in 2014.

Project name: Slope House

Location: Graz, Austria

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