KunstUni Graz

The form draws attention to itself and it offers to the whole area a recognizible identity. The four departments of the School are formed as four outstanding boxes, which are also kept physically apart and thus creating clear functional structure. Between the boxes is the open space, to be used for diverse exhibitions and presentations. The exhibition space is being constantly differently perceived, that leads to different use possibilities. One of the important approaches is the flexible use of walls and various space situations creating a vareity of possibilities for art installations, video projections and other artistic expressions. Indirect lighting is being enhanced, which makes the best setting for doing and exhibiting art. This is further emphasized by the materials being used, as translucent and opaque materials are carefully placed and are giving to the space a neutral atmosphere. Aditional lightening comes through a gap on the roof, reflecting and falling inside. This causes different spatial and lighting situations, which makes the whole open space exciting and inspirational.

Project name: KunstUni Graz

Location: Graz, Austria

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