Donaukanal Bridge

The goal was not just to connect physically two parts of the city, than to create a pleasant social interaction between people and surrounding. Through technical elements a vivification of an area  of „donauweg“ should be created. Through slightly curved lines, which symbolically are connected through two parts of the bridge in form of shaking hands, a harmony, tolerance and friendship are being expressed.  This bridge as a  well-organized infrastructural unit is giving a possibility of uninterrupted movement of pedestrians, cyclists and disabled persons. 

One of the important aspects of concept was, that the context of the old Radetzky bridge and Urania should be respected and interpreted in an contemporary way. The old Radetzky bridge should not be covered at any moment by the new bridge, than rather it should be conceptually extended. This panorama is during the night underlined by the lightening effects of the bridge, which are positioned between the „ribs“. When the bascule bridge  is down, it underlines formally the presence of the Radetzky bridge.

Project name: Donaukanal Bridge

Location: Vienna, Austria

“Of everything that man erects and builds in his urge for living nothing is in my eyes better and more valuable than bridges. They are more important than houses, more sacred than shrines. Belonging to everyone and being equal to everyone, useful, always built with a sense, on the spot where most human needs are crossing, they are more durable than other buildings and they do not serve for anything secret or bad.”   by  Ivo Andric

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