Austrian House

Today’s harsh and uncontrolled raids on the free urban areas do not leave us much of such space and this is the reason why the design of such an object has to be approached with much ATTENTION AND RESPECT.

Taking into account these facts, we have decided to design an object that will be the SYNTHESIS OF INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR SPACE, an object inviting to enter it and consume it – OPEN HOUSE.

To really make an OPEN HOUSE we use the perfect circular shape of the location and in its outer edge we design a circular ramp up to max 5%. The ramp extends from the entrance lobby up to the first floor and continues all the way up to the roof. It is conceived as an UNINTERRUPTED CIRCULAR LINE on which it can be continuously communicated from ground floor to roof and back.

Inspiration can always be found in the famous Wright Guggenheim Museum where the visitor simply gets TRAPPED IN THE INTERIOR so skillfully guided through the space that one simply does not want to leave, always returning to the beginning and always with the same desire to go back again because the beginning and the end are make the PERFECT CIRCLE.

The Ramp offers BEAUTIFUL SEQUENCES of the surrounding park where the fragments are captured in the frames making beautiful pictures that are repeated at an EQUAL RHYTHM where each one is both different and at the same and all that circular through ALL FOUR SEASONS.

In addition to this permanent exhibition the “FRAGMENTS OF NATURE”, ramp offers a variety of use: exhibitions, presentations, bike tours, children’s races, slides and etc.

A special segment of this solution is the USABLE FLAT ROOF that we simply had to put into function of this MEETING POINT. These additional m2 will always find its application and will always have support when it comes to an object such as an Austrian house.

On the ground floor, besides the entrance windshield and the exhibition area, there are also administration rooms, coffee bar with block kitchen, bathroom and communication. On the first floor are workshops, cabinets, auxiliary rooms, sanitary facilities and communications.

The facade of the building is a COMBINATION OF FULL AND EMPTY (GLASS) combination of full and empty (glass) surfaces that emphasize the shape of the circle in an equal rhythm and somewhat resemble the famous Colosseum in Rome, where in this case it is an ARENA OF CULTURE, ART, ENTERTAINMENT, SCIENCE.

The building, with its architecture and applied materials UNOBTRUSIVELY MERGES WITH SURROUNDING AND THE PARK as if it had always been its integral part.

Project name: Austrian House

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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