Islamic Cultural Center Ljubljana

The Islamic Religious Cultural Centre should be perceived and used as a recognized part of public and cultural life in Ljubljana. It should lead to better understanding and greater acceptance of Islam in society and so is the multicultural coexistence in Ljubljana influenced as positive. The Islamic Religious Cultural Centre is composed of three main elements: the mosque, the multipurpose facilities and open, public spaces.

A variety of open public spaces are being created, flowing from each into other and differing in a grade of intimacy. On the entrance square more public functions are concentrated. The entrance square flows into the inner square that has more intimate character, around which less public functions are concentrated. By high grade of opening the ensemble is becoming a part of public space, public life and therefore part of society.

Towards the surrounding area the whole ensemble is presenting itself in orthogonal way what can be seen as a way to integrate IVKC in to the existing surrounding and therefore to the city of Ljubljana. As approaching to the inner square the form is transforming itself from orthogonality to softer curved surfaces giving allusion to the traditional domed Islamic architecture. In this manner the ensemble is becoming integrated itself into the surrounding, thus keeping the character of Islamic cultural centre. 

Project name: Islamic Cultural Center

Location: Ljubljana

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