Ma Tu Wai

Ma Tau Wai area is complex and narrow area, whit high density residential program, and busy street life in between of road intersections. It lacks functional diversity and public open spaces. 

This proposal envisages a new kind of infrastructure which together with underground station forms a vertical loop and offers a multitude of programs and a diversity of public spaces. This area has narrow and compact urban fabric, whit mostly high density residential program, intersected whit Ma Tau Wai Road and elevated high speed Kowloon City Road. This area is still sentimental and romantic, probably one of the last unchanged areas in Kowloon, or simply some can recognize Kowloon side of Hong Kong as it was thirty years ago, in the era of Wall City, before is demolished. Street level is very vivid; packed whit small  stores with goods, food, clothing, Chinese style restaurants and bakeries.

Project name: Ma Tu Wai

Location: Hong Kong

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