VW Extender

Vehicle combining concept of urban farming and food distribution in large mega-cities. Collaboration with German automotive industry giant VW, developing new concepts for Model T 2025.

Project name: VW Extender

Location: Urban Areas globally

Farming of the Future

Vertical farms are not science fictions anymore. The cost of transportation from remote areas and distribution in large megacities is getting inefficient and high cost. The question is how the distribution will look like in the future? I look in this scenario very carefully and try to design next generation of Volkswagen T-Model Van, serving needs of the Modern urban farmer.


1. Driving cockpit combination with mobile office  2. Shop / Delivery. Storage space is accesable from outside to maximize volume 3. food waste storage


The orders, alternatively the goods, get stored in certain drawers. Every drawer has its own address in the vehicle. The VW tab enables it to address and easily find them.


Shop section is designed to be practical to use. Good visibly, easy management and handling enable farmer o to easily take drovers out and fill them with vegetables. Customers can access and see Green products without barriers.

Mobile Office

During parking time driving cabine can transform to customer service and mobile office. For good driving experience is important to have not only the engine but also good seat. The seat is designed by ergonomic rules adaptable for driving and working.

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